Wayne LaPierre, Meet The Newtown, Connecticut Children Who Died

Wayne LaPierre, meet the children whose right-to-life was taken away so you could retain your civil liberties to own the same type weapon we former soldiers used to kill a dozen enemies in Vietnam without having to reload.


Gun-Advocate Cowards On The Run Some Showing Signs of Converting by Abandoning Their 'Bosses'

Politicians seem to be learning that they either have nothing to fear from the lobbyist and advocates or that it’s time to reexamine who they serve.


The GOP Stealth Project To Deny Education To ‘Undesirables’

If only the affluent are given access to an education then only the affluent will prosper and become leaders of our country.


Racism And Hatred Is Destroying The Republican Party

You could pick any number of Republicans as an example here, but for today I choose Donald Trump as a classic example of the racism and hatred that’s embedded in the GOP. I could have picked Rush Limbaugh but in Trump, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Today’s Briefs: September 26, 2012

In spite of all the stupidity dripping off Missouri’s US House-candidate, Republican Todd Akin, he hit this one right on the nail: ‘You want to talk to me “write me a decent check”.’ That’s what he told a constituent when … [CLICK TO READ MORE]