With the Rush Limbaugh Meltdown, Is Right-Wing Hate Radio and TV No Longer Accepted?

March 13, 2012 In 1950 a Wisconsin Republican US Senator by the name of Joseph McCarthy went on a witch hunt for Communist in America. He claimed they were in Hollywood, the State Department and the Democratic Party. In a … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Let’s Get This Payroll Tax Cut Debacle Cleared Up

December 20, 2011 This won’t take but just a couple of minutes. Democrats (and evidently, several Senate Republicans) want to pass a clean payroll tax cut bill, which they’ve agreed to limit to just two months. But the House Republicans, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

At Least One Network Reported On Koch Brothers Crimes

October 9, 2011 A few days ago I said that the broadcast networks and cable news would avoid reporting on the latest scandal of the Koch brothers. To my great surprise, one of them did: ABC. I guess these corporate … [CLICK TO READ MORE]