Paul Volcker Tells JPMorgan To Give Up Commercial Bank Status If They Want To Gamble. What Difference Would That Make?

If an investment bank goes broke from gambling again, all they’ll have to do is ask their dear friends in the government to grant them commercial bank status.


Which Form of Government Does the GOP Really Want? It Depends.

March 12, 2012 Why does the GOP have so many positions on the same or like issues? They say they want a smaller, leaner government, but demand a colossal military. They demand a smaller budget but insist upon spending irresponsibly … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Classic Gingrich: Racist, Ignorant and Out-of-Touch

January 17, 2012 Earlier this month Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich did what he’s best at: sticking his foot down his own throat and up the rears of the 99%. In New Hampshire, during a stump speech, Gingrich said in reference … [CLICK TO READ MORE]