Time Once Again To Remind Commoners Who Republicans Work For

Each time they’ve “sold” their for-the-rich policies under the guise of trickle-down-economics. But that’s not money raining down on you.


Another Example of Grover Norquist’s Mental Sickness

The GOP’s official unelected official who sets US policy on tax rates has proven once again he needs professional psychiatric care: Claims President Obama is on a “crazy” “spending spree”. Evidently Grover Norquist can’t add and subtract. Or maybe he … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Tax Cuts: When Documented Facts Don’t Suit Republicans, They Simply Demand Its Removal

This is typical of the current crop of Republicans serving in Congress, and in states all across the nation. When indisputable facts don’t suit their ideological claims, they simply try to destroy them.


What If George W. Bush Had Told Us What He Intended To Do As President? Would You Have Voted For Him?

The number one issue Republicans have avoided over the past 4 years — as if it was the black plague — is the Presidency of George W. Bush. As the entire human species knows, there’s more-than sufficient reasons for the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

RNC Platform 2012: If We’re Elected, We’ll Put American’s Back To Work; If Not, Tough Shit!

Last week the Republican National Committee released their platform for the 2012 Presidential Election (Embedded below). As expected, it’s designed to enhance the welfare of the upper crust of society while putting larger burdens on the working class citizens. But … [CLICK TO READ MORE]