Fed Chairman Speaks; Commodities Plunge. Is This ‘Supply and Demand’?

Federal Reserve Chairman spoke last night and said the Fed was likely to curb stimulus measures later this year. This morning the entire market is taking a dive. Notable is that all commodities are down considerably. That’s your coffee, sugar, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Without Black Skin, Muslim Name and Party Affiliation, Obama Would Be Hailed As Great President By Republicans

Republicans know that Obama has been a great President for the country, and for most of the ideology they claim to believe in.


Wall Street / Government Maneuver To Keep Gas Prices High Opening the Door to Bring US Gas Prices In Line With Europe

For decades WTI (West Texas Intermediate – our best) oil has been the bench mark for crude oil prices on Wall Street. The cost of wholesale gasoline has always been set against WTI crude prices. But starting earlier this year, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]