Today’s Brief’s: February 17, 2013 GOP Gov. Nikki Haley 'Other Woman' in Divorce Case, Republican Label Becomes Toxic and GOP Demeaning Holocaust

WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC PHOTO Ruh-Roh! South Carolina’s GOP Governor Nikki Haley may have stepped into a very deep bucket of sh*t. If this turns out to be true, she ain’t gonna come out smelling like a rose! Haley has been … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

When Obama Losses In November……

Elected as a Democrat, Obama spent 3 years governing as a Republican. Now he expects Democrats to elect him again.


‘GOP’ President Obama Continues His March

August 4, 2011 Earlier this week the Old Man wrote about why he won’t vote for President Obama again. In there, I listed more than sufficient reason to support my decision. One of those reasons was his serious consideration of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Debt Ceiling War Uncovers GOP

August 4, 2011 Yesterday Jon Perr posted the 25 things we learned during the debt ceiling crisis. Of course many of us already knew a lot of them, but the only chance, slim as it may be, is to continually … [CLICK TO READ MORE]