Reason No. 43 for #OWS: Police Brutality and Arresting Legitimate Reporters

Even after he was handcuffed and laying face down on the ground, they continued to taser him in the back.


Welcome to Newt Gingrich’s ‘Real’ World

“He’s probably one of the most dangerous people for the future of this country that you can possibly imagine.”


Reason’s No. 38 & 39 for #OWS: It’s The SEC – AGAIN; Revolving Elevator and SEC Criminal Walking

January 13, 2012 Matt Taibbi, a long-time critic of government corruption, has written about yet another Securities and Exchange Commission official who “bought” his way through the revolving door express elevator and landed right into the arms of the Futures … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

If There Was Any Question Of GOP’s Plan To Stifle Jobs, This Should Clear It Up

September 21, 2011 We’ve actually known since before the mid-term elections that the GOP had absolutely no intention of trying to do anything about the dismal jobs situation we are facing in our country or the economy. They, like everyone … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

‘GOP’ President Obama Continues His March

August 4, 2011 Earlier this week the Old Man wrote about why he won’t vote for President Obama again. In there, I listed more than sufficient reason to support my decision. One of those reasons was his serious consideration of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]