If There’s Nothing To Hide, Why Are Republicans Concerned About UN Monitoring Our Elections?

For the first time in our history (?), the United Nations will be sending International monitors to polling places throughout the US this year to keep an eye on potential voting fraud during the Presidential election.


NOPE! No Voter Fraud By Republicans. (If You Believe In The Tooth Fairy Too.) – Update

There’s a fairly new political saying that goes like this: “it’s ok if you’re a Republican” (IOKIYAR). There’s also an image that doesn’t call it what it is if a Republican is doing it. And both of these are no … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Today’s Briefs: September 23, 2012

For more than two years I, the Old Man, have been waiting to see which country was going to have the kahuna’s to say this first: “Let’s be blunt and acknowledge the biggest threat to the world’s biggest economy are … [CLICK TO READ MORE]