Reasons No. 26, 27, & 28 for #OWS: Financial Industry Collecting Tax Subsidies; Corporate Welfare for Energy Companies; and Increased Political Corruption = Increased Tax Breaks

November 28, 2011 Wall Street banks, led by the most dangerous, corrupt and greedy CEO’s in America, receive more US tax subsidies than any other industry. Wells Fargo was not only the leader of the banks but also the leader … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

VIDEO: The ‘Must-See’ American Bankers Association’s $845k Anti-OWS Media Campaign – Put Together by Former Aids to Speaker Boehner

November 19, 2011 UPDATED with link to PDF report. If you never watch another video about the plot to kill off #OccuypyWallStreet, this is the one you must see. In fact, it is so strong that you will need to watch … [CLICK TO READ MORE]