Voter Fraud & Irregularities

An Evergreen List of Actual Fraud and Irregularities

July 17, 2012

UPDATED: December 2016
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Election fraud comes in two forms: Illegal votes cast at the polls and election rigging. But it's only the first Americas' Grand Old Party is so up in arms over. The latter is something they go to great lengths not to talk about. There's a solid reason for that:

It's their Achilles heel.

Republicans have been screaming to high heaven about voter fraud. Accusations are flying all over the country. No question that some fraud and irregularities have taken place, but it appears that when there's evidence of a single incident, it somehow multiplies into the imaginary hundreds, and sometimes, thousands.

For example, a total of 253,609,165 votes were cast in the 2004 and 2008 General Elections. Of that, the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) found a whopping grand total of 311 cases of fraud. Granted 311 are 311 too many; however that represents only 0.0001% of total votes. Did you get that? That's one one-thousandths of ONE PERCENT — hardly an epidemic.

Another example of gross exaggeration is represented by the following infographic. It's from an official Wisconsin survey on voter fruad during the 2008 election. It reflects the difference of actual fraud vs. what Republicans were saying; exaggerated by a multiple of 1,667 times, or by 99.94%.

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And as far as that report from Fox News that more than 900 "dead voters" had voted in South Carolina's Presidential Primary in 2008 --- well, that story has totally collapsed, as confirmed by the state of South Carolina.

South Carolina's State Attorney General Alan Wilson, Republican, fed that fodder to Fox, but when Wilson turned over the names to the Election Commission the list contained only --- prepare your self --- 6 NAMES! So Wilson exaggerated the numbers by a "mere" 99.3 percent. But since it was a verbally stated "fact" by a Republican, hundreds of right-wing websites and bloggers, such as this one, jumped all over it without checking out the facts.

In a look at a state-by-state map, you will find that there have been only 693 confirmed cases of voter fraud between 2000 and 2012 with "hundreds of millions of ballots cast". That's less than 116 cases per election year; or 2.32 voter fraud cases per state on average.

So what's the real story here? An editorial by The New York Times in October 2011 briefly addresses the myth of voter fraud. Like many of us, the writer wonders if Republican's are making fraudulent accusations of voter fraud in order to enact new radical voting laws in states across the country; laws that will disenfranchise millions of legal voters. It's easy to understand why people think that when nearly all of those proposed laws target the elderly, poor, low income people and people of color; those who generally vote Democrat.

A more in-depth look at voter fraud claims comes from the Justice Integrity Project, an organization whose goal is to promote effective oversight of federal prosecution and judicial misconduct. Recently they published a lengthy article trying to cut through the hype and expose the hypocrisy in vote fraud claims. It's a very interesting piece, and well worth the time to read it.

Chris Hayes gave an in-depth on-air report on this issue (see following video). Granted he generally comes down slightly on the left, but here he gives nothing but facts. Pay close attention at the 3:18 mark where David Iglesias, a hand-pick attorney by the Bush administration, tells how he was pressured by superiors to find evidence of voter fraud but was unable to find much of anything. He said he wasn't going to make up evidence, and after two years, could not find one - single - case he could prosecute. (Other prosecutors who refused to chase this imaginary fraud were fired by the Bush administration.)

Chris Hayes on Voting Rights - July 2012


So, what is the real objective of falsely declaring wide-spread voter fraud? Could this rendering be the reason?

In an attempt to sort through the lies and propaganda, the following is a (initial) list of known voter fraud and/or voting / election irregularity cases committed by both Democrats and Republicans. What you will notice, in the original list, is there are only 5 reports where proper ID may have prevented illegal votes. The overwhelming majority of fraud is due to corrupt officials and/or operatives.

The list does not include any unfounded accusations, opinions or personal beliefs. Only cases which have evidential proof of accusations or have resulted in sanctions, charges, indictments and/or convictions are listed.

Should you know of any cases that fall under the latter conditions and are not listed here, please contact me via email link at the bottom.

A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast

Here's What Happened in the First Election Without Voting-Rights Protections

About those millions of illegal votes. Sorry, four. About those four illegal votes.

Evidence Piles Up Against Right-Wing Media's Defense Of Voter ID


UPDATE: The following accounts have been reported since the original document was published. They primarily address efforts by Republicans and/or GOP operatives to restrict voting by Democrats, Democrat-leaning, Independents and non-whites, and attempts to trick voters into voting for Republicans. The original list is farther below.

Democrats Republicans
Rigging The Election: Trump Voter Arrested In Iowa On Voter Fraud Charges
Man Claiming To Work For Trump Voted Twice To 'Test The System,' Was Arrested
Busted: Right-Wing Activist Tries And Fails To Infiltrate Dem Senate Campaign
Report: Little Evidence Of The Type Of Voter Fraud Targeted By ID Laws
An analysis by News21 -- a student reporting project based at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism -- published in the Washington Post Thursday found that there was little evidence that voter fraud was a persistent problem and in the cases that were prosecuted, the type of fraud committed would not have been prevented by voter ID laws.
Report: Report: Trump Campaign CEO Registered To Vote At Vacant Home In Florida
Jim DeMint Admits Voter ID Intended To Elect Republicans
Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint admitted that the reason for Voter ID is simple: To elect more Republicans and suppress Democrats' votes.
GOP Clerk Who Wiped Thousands Off NY Voter Rolls Suspended Without Pay
It looks like some chickens are coming home to roost in the mysterious case of the purged voter registrations in New York. Republican clerk Diane Haslett-Rudiano has been suspended without pay "pending an internal investigation into the administration of the voter rolls in the Borough of Brooklyn," according to Telesur TV.
Georgia Democratic Voters Report Ballot Switch Shenanigans
"Turns out that anyone voting Democrat received a Republican ballot," Fleener reported. "After making some phone calls, we were told we could fix it, but we were showing up in the system as voted when none of us had casted our ballots."
After five years of investigating, Kansas Secretary of State files three election fraud charges
After suspending the voting rights of more than 37,000 Kansas voters, the worst secretary of state in the nation has finally fulfilled his promise to prosecute election fraud, filing charges against three Kansas voters.
Florida Lawmaker Reveals Plan To Defeat Black Democrat By Packing District With Inmates
At the Republican Party of Florida's recent quarterly meeting, Rep. Janet Adkins (R-FL) suggested that the secret to unseating Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) is prison gerrymandering - the practice of packing prisons into a congressional district to boost the population without boosting the voting power.
Virginia Republicans Admit They Rigged The State's Congressional Districts To Elect GOP Lawmakers
In a court filing offered by the Republican members of Virginia's congressional delegation, the lawmakers who benefit most from these gerrymandered maps admitted that the GOP intentionally rigged the state's congressional districts in order to produce a lopsided delegation. The state legislature's "overarching priorities" in drawing the maps, according to the court filing, was "incumbency protection and preservation of cores to maintain the 8-3 partisan division established in the 2010 election."
Top RNC Data Official: Actually, There's Not Much Vote Fraud
At a panel of RNC officials Friday at the First In The Nation Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire, RNC Chief Data Officer Jesse Kamzol responded to a question about voter fraud ambiguously saying "it's only about 1 percent." That number was in response to a question by an attendee at the event asking if the RNC "had looked at voter fraud data."
Ohio's Huge Voter Fraud Investigation Turns Up Nearly Nothing
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has been on a mission to weed out purported voter fraud in the state since he took office in 2011. After launching an investigation into what he called an "expanding loophole" allowing non-citizens to vote in Ohio and potentially decide elections, he announced Thursday that 145 non-citizens were registered to vote illegally in 2014, amounting to just .0002 percent of the 7.7 million registered voters in the state. Forty-four [44] non-citizens may have voted illegally in Ohio at some point since 2000.
Caught On Tape: Poll Watcher Intimidates Black Voter in Florida, Witness Steps in To Protect the Man's Vote (Video)
It was practically written in the stars that the Republicans were going to win the election on Tuesday. All the Republican voters had to do was turn out, and may of them did. What I find wholly pathetic, however, was the inability of the Republicans to win without the specter of foul play hanging over their head. What started with 40,000 missing voter registration forms in Georgia, or flyers out in Kentucky, now turns its attention towards Florida, where foul play appears to have been caught on film.
Oops! Georgia's Secretary Of State Seems To Have 'Lost' 40,000 Voter Registrations
In September, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp expressed concern that too many minority voters were registering to vote for the November midterms and so he found it necessary to subpoena the records of at least one group working to register more Black and Latino voters. Now he has gone and "lost" 40,000 voter registration forms handed in by one group.
Koch Group Sends Fake Voter Information To Discourage Illinois Voters
See, the mailer made it seem like it had one from County Clerk Bean. All over the state, people have been calling their county clerks to find out if they really do have to re-register, because all of the mailings from AFP are meant to look like they're coming from elections officials. They're also wondering why their dead relatives are getting these letters, because they're going to a lot of deceased people. Which means elections officials are having to make a lot of apologies, even though they're not responsible for the confusion. Says Shelby County Clerk Jessica Fox, "[w]e would never do anything, for lack of a better term, as tacky as to open up these old wounds."
False Robocalls That Wreaked Havoc On Chicago Elections Linked To GOP Activists
Chicago election judges received misleading and factually incorrect robocalls before the midterm, causing close to 2,000 of them to not show up on Election Day. As a criminal investigation gets underway, the Chicago Sun-Times has tied the calls to two Republican activists while the Republican Party has denied involvement and distanced itself from the party members who it claims acted alone.
Americans For Prosperity Mails Incorrect Voter Information In North Carolina
The linked article has a list of 10 or so defects in the so-called form, but the main one is that they somehow screwed up when they printed it and instruct voters to return the completed form to the State Board of Elections instead of the County board. We know how it happened, because we've seen Republicans do this all over the country, including Wisconsin in 2012, along with California, New York and Florida. Oh, also Ohio. And Arizona, but only for Latino voters. Fancy that. If they didn't care about our votes they wouldn't be working so hard to make sure they're not counted.
KY State Rep., Coal Advocate Ben Waide (R) Indicted For Campaign Finance Violations
State Rep. Forrest "Ben" Waide, of Madisonville, Kentucky, was indicted this week by a Franklin County Grand Jury. The Grand Jury returned a two-count felony indictment charging Waide with violations of campaign finance laws.
MS Attorney General Investigating Blogger for Paying Man to Concoct Vote-Buying Claim
Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said his office was investigating a "political blogger" believed to be independent journalist Charles Johnson of paying a man to claim he had bought votes in last month's GOP senatorial primary.
Scott Walker Fan Indicted For Massive Voter Fraud
According to those records, [Robert] Monroe was considered by investigators to be the most prolific multiple voter in memory. He was a supporter of Gov. Scott Walker and state Sen. Alberta Darling, both Republicans, and allegedly cast five ballots in the June 2012 election in which Walker survived a recall challenge.
Sheriff: Tea Partiers Locked In Courthouse With Ballots on Election Night Are Lying
At around 2 a.m., Lane called Hinds County Republican executive chairman Pete Perry with a claim that somehow she was locked in the very same building in which ballots are stored. Lane claimed that she and a friend wanted to see the election process firsthand, and were escorted to an unlocked door by a uniformed officer. when they entered, the door locked behind them, according to the Tea Party official.
Failed GOP Candidate Loses Election, Goes to Jail for Election Fraud!
...on Wednesday morning [Annette Bosworth] turned herself into the Minnehaha County Jail after a warrant for her arrest was issued by authorities. She is being charged with perjury by South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley, a fellow Republican, following allegations that she claimed to have circulated nominating petitions while she was in the Philippines with her husband.
Arizona Republican changes name to 'Cesar Chavez,' runs as a Democrat
The candidate formerly known as Scott Fistler also prominently displayed photos on his website of crowds carrying signs and wearing T-shirts with the name "Chavez." But the photos, as the Capitol Times pointed out, were actually of Venezuelans rallying for deceased former President Hugo Chavez.
GOP Operative Pulls Election "Shenanigans" In New York House Race
A political op connected to the Republican Party tried to put on the ballot two Green Party members who had no intention of running. That could have pulled votes away from the Democrat.
Right-Wing Extremists In Montana File For Legislative Races As Democrats
Democratic primary voters in some Montana legislative districts will see new and unfamiliar names on the ballot this year. That's because at least eight Democratic candidates are actually far-right "constitutionalists" and Tea Party activists.
Far-right Texas Republican wins local seat by pretending to be black
[H]ere's another data point for the theory that modern Texas Republicans may just be the seediest people in the world. Presenting the case of lily-white anti-gay conservative Texas Republican comma old fart Dave Wilson, who squeaked out a win for a seat on the Board of Trustees of Houston Community College in his majority-minority district by ... pretending to be a black guy.
Two Florida Voter Fraud Investigations Fizzle - Only Arrest Involves A Republican Firm
A pair of investigations by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement offer additional evidence that conservative fears of widespread voter fraud are overblown. The first, which investigated a voter registration group called Florida New Majority Education Fund, determined that no arrests were justified. The second investigation, which investigated a vendor for Florida Republicans known as Strategic Allied Consulting, uncover just one individual who admitted to fraudulently filling out two voter registration forms.
Jack Villamaino, Former GOP Candidate, Gets 4 Months In Jail For Felony Voter Fraud
In the midst of his 2012 GOP primary campaign for a Massachusetts state House seat, Jack Villamaino changed the party affiliation of nearly 300 people in his town of East Longmeadow. Days later, the same number of absentee ballot requests were dropped off at the town clerk's office, a list that was almost a "name-for-name match" for those whose registration information Villamaino had altered.

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If the GOP is really concerned about fair and balanced elections, why won't they fix both of these in a fair and honest manner? Because it doesn't fit their ultimate goal. But this does:

The simple fact is that
the G.O.P. aims to paint the country red by rigging elections

And keeping attention focused on non-existant voter fraud gives them a clear unobstructed path to that goal.